Happy Easter 🐣

As I browsed for some prompts today, I found one to be “egg”. I didn’t need a lexicon to find the meaning unlike zoomorphic which I had written about yesterday.

I am not so comfortable around eggs, but last week my son’s program had hard boiled eggs to be dyed for Easter party! It was so much fun. He is now into painting so he loved dipping them in the dye and used stickers after they dried. Here are some pictures and Happy Easter All!

9 responses to “Happy Easter 🐣”

  1. Hi Uma, I remember coloring Easter eggs when my kids were little, it was fun for them. So many pretty colors of the rainbow🌈.

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    1. This is the first time we did it.


  2. I’ve died eggs but never decorated them. I have to say, he’s done a fantastic job of it, I might just have a go myself!

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  3. That’s really nice. Happy Easter to you and your family too 🎉

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  4. I am not so comfortable around eggs

    Why not, if I may ask?


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    1. I am from an orthodox Hindu family. We do not eat eggs meat or fish. Though I have had egg products, I still not comfortable around whole eggs😀.


      1. Oh, I see! Thanks 🙏🏻

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