Shopping 🛍

Yesterday I went shopping. Wanted to get some full sleeve shirts for my son. It is middle of winter and and our favorite ground hog Punxsutawney Phil has predicted six more weeks of winter so those extra shirts are very much needed.

But the store has already moved on from winter season to spring and summer. St Patrick Day goodies over Valentines Day goodies were seen through out the store. Sign of spring was all over the store.

The garden store already had seed starters, pots and seeds. Spring clothes and summer swim suits were in plenty. The store has moved on😀

Definitely for the next ten days I do not need seed starters or a swim suit. In fact we have to drive more than 600 miles south to wear spring clothes.

Advertising and marketing people do not live in present . I have no idea what their thought process is. Maybe I need to stock up on stuff forget that I have it and duplicate it again when needed maybe 🤔?

Anyhow didn’t buy one single shirt for my son and returned home with a bunch of unplanned items! I think that is what the store wants us to do!😂😂

By the way fresh flowers, dozen roses in particular were being stocked up on for Valentines Day. So something is still being sold for the present.😊 By the way the bunch of roses are from my photo archives and I did not get them yesterday!

2 responses to “Shopping 🛍”

  1. You are so funny Uma, that’s how it nowadays, the stores are always a season ahead. Pretty soon we will see Easter Candy and stuffed Bunnies and peeps. I think it creates for me a sort of anxiety that maybe I am behind on everything. The one thing I do know now is that I am tired of winter clothes because they are so dark and heavy and I do prefer Spring and Summer clothes. But I also like snow because it is pretty☃️❄️

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