The power of my eyes😎

What is a super power you would love to have?

#Bloganuary Day 17!!!!

This is an easy question 🙋‍♀️! I need super powers to do chores! My glance should clean my house and finish all my chores!

The men of my house help me around the house no complaints but…… it is a never ending process of dishwashing, laundry and vaccuming. Laundry the never ending demon always stares at me!

I love grocery shopping. But unloading from car and storing not so much. So would love to have that power . An instant look should fill up my fridge pantry.

Since I have that power maybe would utilize the same for cleaning my garage and organizing them too and of course cleaning the car too!

I don’t want to be greedy just maybe twice a week of the power would be sufficient!😉

Snow day! Love to have the superpowers to clean up after the storm!

11 responses to “The power of my eyes😎”

  1. I think all women would love this😂.

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  2. Kimerle Anne Viccaro Avatar
    Kimerle Anne Viccaro

    I want to be like Samantha in the old TV show Bewitched. Samantha was a good Witch and she only had to wiggle her nose and everything would be done and cleaned up!!

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  3. Okay, this is an amazing super power!

    Hopping in from the community,

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  4. You could use your Clean Up Super Power for bigger projects like oil spills in the ocean or big city garbage dumps that pollute underground water supplies or other world-wide needs. It could be a real blessing!

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  5. Thank you for coming to JanBeek and following my blog. You have your hands full with special needs children. My granddaughter’s two children qualify for that distinction, too. God bless you – it can be quite a struggle sometimes. But, they are blessed to have you loving and caring for them … and they will bless u in return. Hang in there! Yours is a very important role!!

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    1. Yes that would be nice!

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    2. Thank for taking time to visit my blog. I have one special adult boy and he has a loving typical brother. Hugs to your granddaughter.

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      1. Thank you! I’ll deliver that!

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