Grateful 🙏


What are 5 things you are grateful for today?

#Bloganuary Challenge Day 10!

Today was a cold rainy day so I am grateful that I live in a warm house with hot water and heating. Few years back our heater broke and I remember the one night we had to spend in a cold house.

It was not an A plus day today. I had my ups and downs , I could have thrown myself a pity party but I was able to do my work , so I am grateful for that.

My husband was there for me today. He took care of so many things, though many may call it his duty, his Sunday was not free. I am grateful for that.

I really did not think I would finish my 10,000 steps today since I did not leave my house, but all the work made me reach the goal. This is a big motivation for me. I have been doing this for the past 5 years, so grateful I could achieve that.

I am really grateful that I signed up for this challenge. It distracted me for the past few hours as I just mused on the topic.

I think everyone needs to be grateful for at least a couple of things before going to bed. Writing this down, I feel I have achieved something for the day and not let it go waste.

4 responses to “Grateful 🙏”

  1. Hi Uma, yesterday was cold and rainy but I watched the Steeler’s game and it was Big Ben’s last regular season game and we won!! But I didn’t get to walk my dog till after. Do you wear a pedometer? I have one but I quit wearing it because it was hard to wear. You gave motivated me to put it back on!!

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  2. You walk a lot. I don’t do that much if I don’t count my steps.Anyhow I have fitbit watch. Glad I motivated you!😀


  3. I agree. Thinking about our blessing daily puts us in a better frame of mind.

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  4. Inspiring post. I agree, being mindful to our blessings everyday makes a big difference to our day and happiness.

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