Puzzle pieces all the way

Yesterday my son finished his first 300 piece puzzle with my help. It was his Christmas gift but in reality it was my gift since it made me happy 😃! 🧩

We have come a long way from struggling to match a triangle in a shape sorter . When he was 3 we thought he would never match a triangle piece to a board so this was truly an achievement.

Did he do the puzzle alone? No , I had to help him sort but let me tell you even if I had to do it, I wouldn’t have been able to do it without his help. It was a marathon session from 3 pm to 8.30 pm with a break for his exercise and dinner.

Autism is represented by a puzzle 🧩 piece. But for us puzzles have always been the challenge. So definitely a feather in our cap!

So what did we get for his reward? More puzzles of course. The same one was one sale at 50 percent off , off season price so we got two of those. Was he happy? Not much. He just wanted a brownie at the mall. 😉

On a lighter note it just feels like yesterday when my son used to struggle along with my Mom to finish 8 piece jigsaw puzzles! Waiting for the day when I can dump a 500 piece puzzle to my Mom and my son and enjoy their new struggle!😊😊😊

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