A digital cookbook🤔😉🙃

I read a blog yesterday about how we shouldn’t smother our kids. I am always of that opinion, but we all tend to do it unknowingly.

Teaching independence is one of the first and foremost we want with our kids. With my special needs one , it has been his goal right from the day he started preschool and it still continues. He has come a long way from where he was at the time he was in early intervention but still needs one on one support staff due to his behavior and sensory issues.

One of the things we both enjoy doing together is cooking. During pandemic time like any other person on this planet he too improved his cooking skill. He can now use multiple kitchen gadgets with minimal help.

Group home is something that is in his future. What do I want for him there? Able to eat some of his favorite foods. So planning to make a small cookbook for him with recipes that involves not much effort but would give him the taste of home . Making the cookbook digitally available is going to be one of my biggest challenge and task😀!

Let me tell you one thing to finish it up my younger son has also become fluent in the kitchen and also helping his brother once a while. There is no rule that Mom (woman) alone cooks or n our house! So I think we have beaten that thought process … I smile to myself that I am raising two boys who know how to eat healthy!

P.S. All my cooking made easy , credit goes to Instant pot.😀

Morning breakfast Favorite Bread Upma😀

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