Navarathri, arts and crafts 😍

As Navarathri begins next week my preparations for it has been in full swing. My special one has been working on arts and crafts through his virtual program and with me and every bit and piece of it I have been breaking my head to see how I can incorporate them into my Doll show. As I arranged the entire year’s work in my living room I am more than happy that we have done a good job. I made a video call to my Mom to show these off just to get her reaction and I think she too was pleasantly surprised. I talk to her on a daily basis but I think when the display was made it put her in awe, for a kid who has severe eye hand coordination issues and severe behaviors to to cooperate with me . Any piece of activity took us anywhere from 15 minutes to 45 minutes or 2 of the sessions. We made trips to craft stores like Hobby Lobby and Micheals just in search of stuff we needed. We have almost winded up our shopping and moving on to the arrangements I am truly excited to show off his hard work to the world. My son loves to cook and to play the keyboard. Now I have one more added to this group to keep him engaged and happy. We have a hard labor week ahead of us so signing off with this short blog.

2 responses to “Navarathri, arts and crafts 😍”

  1. Awesome job Anirudh . We know you when you were less than a year . Proud of you . Anirudh is a very lucky child to have wonderful caring parents Uma and Mr LakshmiNarayana and a very understandable and helpful younger brother . Looking forward to hear and see more of Anirudh
    Love you
    Bharathi and Venkat C Gorthi

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  2. great work uma akka and anirudh. love your passion.

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